Built with YOU in mind

The bot is built to simplify your streaming life. From adding commands, to managing your music queue from your phone - the bot is built with YOU in mind.

Unlimited Commands

Want to have 6,000,000 commands in your channel? Now you can! Lists, counters, and more, all at your finger tips!

Remove Multiple Songs

Did someone request a playlist of nothing but troll songs? You can batch remove all the songs per user with 1 command!

Song Cache

Tired of hearing the same song? The bot creates a song cache that allows you to pick a cooldown (30 hours by default) before you hear it again!


Have a lot of similar songs in a row? The shuffle command mixes the order of the songs in queue to spice things up!

Playlist Requests

This exclusive feature allows you to request a YouTube playlist, and the bot will randomly pick (10 by default) songs and add them to your queue!